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Easy Recipes

Garlic Butter Asparagus

If you are in need of a quick and easy side dish to make, then try this Garlic Butter Asparagus recipe. It’s exactly what it …
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Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal

Move over instant oatmeal! This version is so much better! It’s hearty, nutritious, and offers quite a hefty helping of fiber. Oatmeal is a delicious …
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Caramelized Onions

Making Caramelized Onion is a good way to add some flavor and slight sweetness to a dish. The recipe today is easy, however, it does …
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Easy Hamburger Salad

Today’s menu item is a Hamburger Salad. This recipe is easy to make. Making this is a wonderful way to use any leftover hamburger that …
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Buffalo Cauliflower

In need of a delicious vegetarian dish? Buffalo Cauliflower can be on your table today! This dish is quick to prep and the oven does …
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Vegan Alfredo Pasta

The other day, I made some of the best pasta I have ever had. To give you a little bit of backstory, I was originally …
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Coconut Macaroons

Are you nutty for coconut? If so, you will go nuts for this Coconut Macaroon recipe. I personally love coconut anything. While I know some …
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Seafood Marinade

If you have never used a marinade on your seafood, then you must stop what you’re doing and try this recipe today! Even if you …
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Key Lime Pie Tarts

The key to enjoying a Key Lime Pie is to allot yourself a second helping. I always do because it is truly that delicious. I …
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Easy Guacamole

Holy Moly Guacamole! If you love avocado then, you will savor this spicy Guacamole recipe. The thing I most admire about guacamole are the many …
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