Enchanted by New Mexican Food

I absolutely love to travel, and one of my favorite things to do when I visit new places is to try the local food! Who’s with me? There is just something so special about visiting a place you have never been and trying an authentic dish. 

I recently returned from a three week vacation in the state of New Mexico. I was visiting family in Albuquerque. If you have never been to The Land of Enchantment, you are missing out on some of Earth’s most beautiful, spectacular nature and views as well as some of the most authentic mix of Mexican and Pueblo Native American dishes you will ever try here in the United States. The state truly is rich in culture and is known for its most popular staple: red or green chili peppers. If you want both, it is called “Christmas.” 

Now for those of you who love a little spice (or a lot of spice) to your food, adding red or green chili is a must when trying out different restaurants here in New Mexico. The red is spicier than the green, and because my spice level is not as high as most people I know, I chose to stick with the green chili, which in my opinion is slightly milder. While exploring new restaurants, I found that I loved adding it to my burgers, along with your typical condiments like mustard and ketchup. That green chili is a topping I already miss! Mmmmm I can taste it now! 

While strolling through Albuquerque’s historic Old Town Plaza, I came across multiple New Mexican eateries and had to take a look at their menus. Old Town really does speak for itself. It is Albuquerque’s first neighborhood and was established in 1706 by a group of Spanish settlers. If you want to try some of the city’s authentic cuisine, Old Town is a stop you must make. You will also be in awe by the Pueblo-Spanish Adobe style buildings and the various gift shops that include a variety of authentic spices to choose from and add to your homemade meals. I bought some chili powder, enchilada mix and dried cilantro. I cannot wait to add it to my dishes and make something that reminds me of that good old food in Albuquerque. I already have ideas of what I want to make. 

One of the last meals I had in Albuquerque before leaving to head back home was an enchilada with green chili peppers and a side order of what are called Sopapillas. (PS: it turns out my dog absolutely LOVES Sopapillas now. I just might have to make them for him)! This delectable type of bread is described as more of a fried pastry and is soft like a biscuit. They are usually served with honey and have a slight sweet taste to them. Ahhhh, now I see why my dog enjoys them so much! 

I would say that my favorite meal I tried was anything with green chili! Adding this topping really does add to your food and gives it that extra kick. I am already planning another trip back to the Land of Enchantment, because not only was I enchanted by its nature and unique Adobe style buildings, but its food is definitely a treasure as well.

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