4 Benefits of Cooking Together as a Family

One of my fondest memories as a child is when I was able to get in the kitchen and cook with my family. I loved playing around with different seasonings, trying new ingredients, slicing, dicing and chopping. My sister preferred being the taste tester and loved getting to taste a little bit of everything along the way. What was really special was the fact that Everyone was involved and it made for some really memorable kitchen moments. 

Cooking together as a family has many benefits. If you are someone who prefers to cook solo, the many benefits that cooking together as a family may bring to your life, might just persuade you to invite your family into your kitchen. And, if you struggle with deciding what to make, allow your family to give you their input. What might they have a taste for? What have they been craving lately? What is something they have always wanted to try? Home cooked meals don’t have to be complicated. They can be simple while also being very tasty. Allow me to share with you 4 benefits of cooking together as a family. 

Cooking Together Can Help Your Whole Family Build New Skills 

Are you not comfortable with your child using a sharp knife quite yet? Let them cut up the softer foods, such as cheese or bread with a plastic knife. There are certainly ways to get the job done in the kitchen while letting the little ones be involved. Or, how about forming an assembly line and alternating roles throughout the cooking process? This will help everyone to do a little bit of each job. It can require some patience, but it will be a memory to last forever.

Does your child have an interest in reading? Or, are they learning how to read? Designate them to be the recipe reader. Have them read the steps of the recipe out loud. I remember this used to work well for me as a child. It gave me a great sense of responsibility. 

And, for my adults, now is the perfect time to get your onion dicing skills just right! Your family will be amazed at your skills and just might coin you the Designated Onion Dicer.

Cooking Together is a Bonding Activity

For many, the kitchen is a place to congregate. I know for me, I always loved being in the kitchen talking to my family while my mom or dad cooked. Cooking is a task that can help you focus. You can minimize any distraction such as the television and just focus on the time spent together. How about playing some instrumental background music? Making spaghetti? Play some authentic Italian music! 

Cooking Together Can Introduce Your Family to New and Unique Foods

Everybody has their food preferences and you might have some picky eaters in your household. You might even be a picky eater yourself. When I first started cooking with cauliflower I was wary and hesitant. However,  I remember being amazed by just how much I could do with it. From cauliflower rice, to cauliflower fried “chicken” to buffalo “chicken” cauliflower, the options were truly endless. 

How about introducing new ingredients to your household and making them in ways that you make your favorite foods. Using cauliflower like I do? Batter it and fry it or, bake it with some of your all time favorite spices. It just might surprise you.

Cooking Together Can Increase Your Family’s Health

The great thing about home cooking is that you know what is going in your food. Teach yourself and your children the benefits that certain foods have for the human body. If you are watching your caloric intake, then you’re in luck! It has been said that cooking at home typically yields to the consumption of fewer calories than when eating out. Add the seasonings that you like, and stop when you feel satisfied. At restaurants it can be tempting to overeat which is not always the healthiest.

I hope these 4 Benefits of Cooking Together as a Family makes you want to get into your kitchen and dice, chop, and cook with your family! Be sure to check out any meals or foods here on this site that spark your interest. You never know what meal you might enjoy cooking and eating with your family and other loved ones.

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