Lemon Butter Asparagus

In the mood for a zesty side dish? Well then, you’ve come to the right place! Try this easy and no-fuss Lemon Butter Asparagus recipe. This Lemon Butter Asparagus is a simple, yet a rather impressive dish to make! The wonderful thing about it is that it can pair with practically any main course. 

Very few ingredients are required to make this recipe. What you will need are 1 ½ pounds of washed and trimmed asparagus, 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter, 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of black pepper, and ½ teaspoon of salt.

Lemon Butter Asparagus

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  • 1 1/2 pounds 1 1/2 asparagus, trimmed

  • 2 tablespoons 2 unsalted butter

  • 1 tablespoon 1 fresh lemon juice

  • 1 teaspoon 1 pepper

  • 1/2 teaspoon 1/2 salt


  • In a large skillet, boil asparagus in about 2 inches water for 6 minutes.
  • Drain water and add butter, fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper.
  • Toss and cook for 2 more minutes until the butter is fully melted.
  • Serve immediately and Enjoy!


  • This recipe can also be made using green beans. 

You might wonder how to pick out the perfect asparagus. Well, it is rather simple! For one, it is best to use fresh asparagus as opposed to frozen asparagus. Fresh is the best! Now, whether you use thick or thin asparagus is entirely up to you. Once you decide whether you would like to use thick or thin asparagus, then make sure that the stalks are bright green and firm to the touch. They should not be droopy or wet at all. The asparagus gets softer as it cooks, so cooking wet and droopy asparagus will only result in a wilted mess. You want the asparagus to be firm to the bite. 

To make this dish, take out a large skillet and boil the washed and trimmed asparagus in about 2 inches of water for 6 minutes. After that, drain water and add butter, fresh lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Toss the asparagus around and cook them for 2 more minutes until the butter is fully melted. Finally, serve this dish immediately and Enjoy! 

Notice how fresh everything tastes? That’s because you used fresh bright green asparagus that was firm to the touch. See? Fresh is the best! This recipe can also be made using green beans. So have fun with it! Follow the same measurements and steps, but just swap out asparagus for green beans. You can even try mixing green beans and asparagus. The more green veggies the better!

See how quick this recipe is? In just about 10 minutes, you can be enjoying these lovely and easy Lemon Butter Asparagus. So, get to cookin’ and enjoy this recipe!

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