Easy Guacamole

Holy Moly Guacamole! If you love avocado then, you will savor this spicy Guacamole recipe. The thing I most admire about guacamole are the many different ingredients you can use to make it as flavorful as you please. 

For this recipe, I used four simple ingredients that I keep in my kitchen pantry. I cut open the Hass avocado, mashed it and added a teaspoon each of salt and pepper, one tablespoon of red pepper flakes and two tablespoons of lime juice. I then mixed everything together and refrigerated the guacamole for approximately 15 minutes. Some people like it at room temperature. My family likes it a little chilled.

Easy Guacamole

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Prep time


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  • 1 1 large Hass avocado

  • 1 teaspoon 1 salt

  • 1 teaspoon 1 black pepper

  • 1 tablespoon 1 red pepper flakes

  • 2 tablespoons 2 lime juice


  • Cut open the avocado and remove the pit. Scoop out the flesh of the avocado and put it into a small bowl. (You can mash it up completely or leave it a little lumpy.)
  • Next, add the salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and combine.
  •  Lastly, add the lime juice and mix.
  • Place in a container and chill for 15 minutes before serving. Enjoy!


  • You may use lemon juice instead of lime juice.

The red pepper flakes are a must when I make it for my friends and family. The hotter the better they say. Spicy is good! Spicier is even better! I usually serve this dish with tortilla chips or sometimes sweet potato chips. Your palate your choice.

You just cannot go wrong with making guacamole. I did not add red onions or tomatoes for this recipe because I like to use what I already have in my kitchen refrigerator or cabinet. I try to save myself extra trips to the grocery store and the good thing about that is, I usually avoid the pitfalls of overbuying every time I have to make a quick run to the market. You know the drill.  You go into the grocery store for a couple of items and you come out with two or three bags. It never fails.

When I do go to the supermarket, I like to peruse the guacamole section.

It is always packaged so nicely and I love looking at the ingredients on the back of the label. I then tell myself, it is so much cheaper to make my own. Now, if I was crunched for time, store bought guacamole it would be. There are so many different ones now in which to choose.

There are wonderful health benefits in eating avocado. Avocado is a good fat. It fills you up. It has numerous health benefits. This little fruit can increase your brain function, lower your cholesterol and aid in weight loss. Like anything else, portion control does matter and too much of a good thing, can sometimes, well, be too much.

Avocado is the main staple in guacamole. Guacamole is a dip and is a main staple at parties, especially Super Bowl parties. There are so many different ways in which to make guacamole.  

I have often experimented myself and I always like the basic guacamole dip. That is why I have chosen to share this extremely simple recipe with you. Clean up is so easy.

My mom visited Puerto Vallarta, Mexico early last year and she came home raving about the guacamole at her resort. She said she had to have it poolside the entire week. She said she enjoyed having the big chunks of avocado in the guacamole and of course a mojito that followed the guacamole and chips. However you decide to make your guacamole, I hope that you will start with this simple recipe first.

I used a Hass avocado because I like the quality of this fruit and I know when it is ripe. The Hass avocado usually has a bumpy outside green flesh and when ripe, turns a dark-purple, almost black color. That is when you know it is time to cut it open, remove the pit and mash it up if you choose.

However, you choose to make your guacamole to share with your friends and family, try to not double dip. It can be pretty hard to do. Just like that quick trip for a few items to the grocery store.

Enjoy this quick and simple Guacamole recipe!


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