Patty Melt

I recently made this delicious Patty Melt for a snack. Yes, a snack! And, boy am I glad that I did. I know it’s funny that I call it a snack. My family and friends often playfully tease me because my “snacks” are more like full meals. However, a girl’s got to eat, right? And, if I have a meal for a snack, then that is just what I do! 

To be quite honest, this Patty Melt makes for an even better lunch and dinner. And, I am here to show you just how to make it! This Patty Melt recipe serves two. So, let’s get to cookin’!

Patty Melt

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  • For the Burger Sauce:
  • 1/4 cup 1/4 mayonnaise

  • 1 tablespoon 1 ketchup

  • 1 teaspoon 1 sweet pickle relish

  • 1/2 teaspoon 1/2 granulated sugar

  • For the Patties:
  • 1 lb 1 80% lean 20% fat ground beef

  • salt and black pepper, to taste

  • spray for pan

  • For the Bread and Toppings:
  • 4 4 slices white sandwich bread

  • 2 2 slices swiss cheese

  • 1/2 1/2 sweet onion, chopped

  • 1 tablespoon 1 butter

  • 1/2 teaspoon 1/2 sugar


  • For the Burger Sauce:
  • In a small bowl, combine mayonnaise, ketchup, relish, and sugar. Set aside. 
  • Use to spread on bread. 
  • For the Caramelized Onions:
  • In a large skillet over medium, melt butter and cook with onions and sugar. 
  • Continue to toss while cooking for 10 minutes.
  • For the Patties:
  • Season ground beef with salt and pepper and shape it into two equal-sized patties.
  • Spray a nonstick skillet with cooking spray and cook burger patties for 5 to 6 minutes per side. 
  • Add cheese to patties and cook for another 2 minutes.
  • To Assemble:
  • Spread burger sauce on both slices of bread.
  • Place patty on bread and top with caramelized onions.
  • Add second slice of bread on top and toast the sandwich in skillet for 1 minute each on both sides. Serve and Enjoy! 

Four components go into making this Patty Melt. They are the burger sauce, the toppings (caramelized onions and swiss cheese), the patty, and the bread.  All of these components combined make for the best patty melt! 

To make the first component, which is the burger sauce, combine the mayonnaise, ketchup, relish, and sugar in a small bowl and set it aside.  

Next, get started on making the second component, which is the caramelized onions. Grab yourself a large skillet and get to cooking. Cook the onions, butter, and sugar over medium heat. Toss and cook everything for about 10 minutes. 

Set aside the caramelized onions so that you can make the third component, the burger patties. Use the same skillet to do so. I have found that it is best to use 80% lean and 20% fat ground beef. Season the ground beef with salt and black pepper, to taste. Shape it into two equal-sized patties. Then, spray the skillet and cook both patties over medium-high for 5 to 6 minutes per side. Add the swiss cheese and cook for another minute or so. 

The last component is the bread. Use any sandwich bread that you like. I like to use quality white sandwich bread. Once you have all of your components, spread the burger sauce on all slices of bread, place one burger patty on each slice (2 slices with patties, 2 slices without patties) and top with the caramelized onions. Then, add the other bread slice to make a sandwich. 

Finally, toast the sandwich in the skillet over medium-high for about one minute per side. Then slice both sandwiches in half and serve and enjoy! You then have yourself the most delicious Patty Melt. Once you take a bite, you will for sure want to keep this one on your menu! Enjoy and Happy Cooking!

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  1. Best way to ruin a non stick skillet is to spray it with a cooking spray. Use butter or oil instead to keep your pan non stick.

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