Fruit Parfaits

Fruit, Yogurt, Granola and Repeat. Fruit,Yogurt, Granola and Eat. Of course, I garnished mine with a dollop of Reddi Whip, but you don’t have to, unless you just couldn’t resist like me. 

I put them in miniature plastic wine glasses, just to make them look cute. And, because Love is in the Air around this time of year, what a cute and fun way to surprise your loved ones with breakfast in bed. 

Yes, unless you are a couple only or single even, why not make these little treats a family affair. Who doesn’t love yogurt, fruit and granola? You can even make these before going to bed and you will be everyone’s Hero or Shero the next morning. 

Fruit Parfaits

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  • 1 cup 1 vanilla yogurt

  • 4 4 strawberries, sliced

  • 1/2 cup 1/2 blueberries

  • 1/2 cup 1/2 granola


  • In a glass or plastic cup,  (I used mini wine glasses) add a few blueberries and a few sliced strawberries in the bottom of the cup.
  • Next, add a tablespoon of yogurt and top with granola. Repeat this step once more until all ingredients are used.


  • Feel free to use Reddi Whip as a topping.

I enjoyed cutting the strawberry into a heart shape and putting it on the side of the wine glass like you would do a sliced lemon with water or a margarita with lime. I bought the yogurt from the grocery store. It was a vanilla flavor and did not have a lot of sugar. I bought a bag of honey nut granola with sliced almonds that I’m sure I will be using for about a month or longer. I like to keep the granola in my refrigerator to keep it chilled. 

The fruit will last for a few days in the container, but fresh fruit doesn’t keep long. You won’t need much fruit for this recipe. The blueberries were pretty good for this time of year. They are much sweeter in the summer time though. 

The strawberries were delicious. Feel free to use fruit that you like. I thought about adding bananas, but chose to leave them out because they tend to brown a lot faster. And, if you make the parfaits overnight and really want to use bananas, then include them and the granola right before serving. Otherwise, they both could end up a little soggy, especially the granola if not placed in an airtight container with a lid.

Before serving, add a dollop of Reddi Whip and see how quickly they get eaten. This dessert is so easy and quick to make. I know by now, you know I like simple and easy desserts. I keep repeating this because I never like to overthink dessert recipes. My belief is: The less time I spend in the kitchen, equates to the more time I can spend with my family and even working on my next recipes for you to enjoy. 

Parfaits make the best breakfast treat, but can be eaten whenever. They are light and filling. The granola I used has sliced almonds and I love almonds. There are so many granola choices in which to choose when you go to the grocery store. It can be really confusing. I almost purchased a chocolate granola crunch flavor, but changed my mind, because I love chocolate. So, I decided I would stick to a regular granola, just so I would not overindulge. 

If you decide to serve this as an “I Love You” treat, you will look like you put extra thought into it, especially, if you put the parfait on a cute little tray with a “Thinking of You” card or handwritten message. 

But, if you want to go a little overboard, Roses or Tulips will seal the deal. Pleasing your loved ones can be simple and it can be over the top. It is so much easier to keep it simple and save the big stuff for the really big occasions and celebrations. Besides, who wouldn’t want Breakfast in Bed? You will score a Perfect 10 with this parfait! 

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