Dirt Pudding Cups

Yum Yum Dirt Cups!  And who wouldn’t want to get a messy mouth eating this delicious and creamy dessert? It makes me feel like a kid again and gives me nostalgia at the same time. This tasty treat takes me back to being two years old and remembering when my 10-year old cousin came to visit from Texas for the entire summer. Friday was Family Fun Night and we all got to make a special Friday treat for everyone. My cousin’s Friday treat was Dirt Cups. I have loved them ever since. Now fast forward a little more than two decades later, and I am adding them to one of my favorite desserts to make.

I love the crumbly taste of the Oreos in my mouth which is the mound of dirt. I love the coldness of the cool whip and jello pudding with crushed Oreos which make me feel like that 2-year old kid all over again. And, the Gummy Worms! I just love twirling them around my fingers and biting the worm piece by piece. Oh how I wish I could return the favor and make them for my cousin now.  Perhaps, he will check out this recipe and think of me too.

Dirt Pudding Cups

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Prep time


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  • 2 cups 2 milk

  • 1 1 small box of chocolate instant pudding mix

  • 8 ounce 8 container cool whip

  • 20 20 crushed Oreos

  • 15 15 gummy worms


  • In a small or medium bowl, pour the jello into the bowl and mix in the milk. Use a whisk to beat the two ingredients together until the consistency is thick. Then, add half of the cool whip into the pudding. Set Aside.
  • Take the other half of the cool whip and half of the crushed Oreos and stir together.
  • Now, it is time to layer. At the bottom of the jar or cup, add a mound of Oreo cookie crumbs and then add the chocolate pudding.  
  • Next, add another crumb layer and then add the cool whip mixture.
  • Add one more layer of chocolate pudding mixture and crumble the top with Oreos.
  • Add the gummy worms on top of the mound of crumbled Oreos. (the dirt)
  • Chill in the refrigerator for an hour and Enjoy Cold!


  • For best results, chill in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

This recipe was super easy to make. You only need instant jello pudding mix, milk, cool whip and Oreos.  It is simple, easy and a fun way to include the little ones to help. They will get a kick out of it, like I did, thinking they are getting a little messy. It is not a messy treat to make, but they will need a napkin or two, to wipe their tiny little mouths.  And, they will just love putting the slimy worms on top of the mound of dirt thinking that they are going to crawl all over the place.

I especially enjoyed layering the glass jar. It was so much fun creating a mound of dirt. Get as creative as you like. Your jars can be big or little. It is truly your choice. Just make certain it is in a clear container or plastic see through cups so you can see what wonderful creation you made. 

I know that little kids can be impatient at times. I know I was. I also know that adults can be impatient too, at times. Me too. However, if you can wait almost an hour before eating this absolutely incredible dessert, I promise you, it will be worth the wait.  

The Dirt Pudding Cup needs at least an hour to get chilled. The colder the better and if your little one just cannot wait, then you have my permission to subtract 15 minutes of waiting time. Or, they can get all hyped up by passing the time eating leftover gummy worms, which means late night for mom and dad. I do not think most parents will be choosing that option. Besides, patience is a virtue.

Again, these creamy dreamy dirt cups are super easy and a fun memory to keep in your memory bank. I just consumed mine, and I could visualize my cousin in the kitchen over 20 years ago, singing, while showing me and my sister how to make them. He was quite proud of himself and I now see why. While I was not singing making my very own dirt cups, I have to admit, I did a little happy dance. Why? Because, something so simple, could taste so delicious and re-create a memorable piece of my childhood.

I hope you will continue to make memories with your families; and they too, may be talking about a favorite recipe that a relative made for years and years to come.


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