Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

We all remember the campfire S’mores right? They are the best! I used to love telling scary stories with my family and friends and toasting marshmallows. Those were the good ole’ days. Life as I knew it, was so simple then.

Fast forward to adult life and of course COVID. For the most part, we are all confined to our homes and unable to congregate with our friends and close relatives like we used to do, before this virus interrupted our normal routines. I do hope everyone is safe and staying sane by cooking/baking and making the best out of our New Normal. Food makes me happy and who doesn’t want to eat now to pass the time away right? This virus alone requires lots of creativity and patience on all ends. Patience that we all will continue to get through the days and months by doing something that keeps us all together.

Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

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  • 6 6 graham crackers (equivalent to 12 squares)

  • 1 cup 1 chocolate melts or a chocolate bar broken into pieces


  • In a small saucepan, melt chocolate over medium low heat. Stir constantly.
  • Dip each graham cracker square in the melted chocolate and lay on a wax paper lined plate or baking sheet.
  • Place in the refrigerator for at least 10 minutes before enjoying.

For now, thankfully we have the virtual route. Zoom has been a Godsend to keep in touch with everyone and share meals and ideas. After one of my recent Zoom get-togethers, where we spent most of the hour reminiscing about the good ole’ days, I decided to keep this week’s treat simple. That way, even a kid with the help of an adult, can make this two-ingredient recipe. Cooking/Baking is a great stress reliever. It is even better when the recipes do not require lots of time and brain power. That is exactly why I decided to do my simple version of S’mores. It is more like a Keebler cookie but in my opinion, tastier.

I used only two simple ingredients- one large HERSHEY’s milk chocolate bar and six graham crackers (equivalent to 12 squares when broken). That is it. Nothing else was needed but a few minutes of your patience to allow the chocolate to set on the graham cracker and chill in the refrigerator. I mentioned earlier that kids would enjoy making this dessert. The only thing they will need help with is melting the chocolate in a small saucepan, dipping the graham cracker in the melted warm chocolate and then, placing the chocolate covered graham cracker on the wax papered platter to place into the refrigerator to set for 10 minutes. Easy right? It is so much fun too!

I even added a few mini marshmallows on my plate just to get that nostalgia I felt as a kid. Memories are priceless, and they last a lifetime. You would be surprised what kids recall about their childhood. For me, I loved spending time with my family and friends making memories that usually came in the form of a meal or a yummy dessert.

If you have a sweet tooth like me, then this is the perfect combination of “not too sweet” cookie meets “smooth velvety” chocolate. In a way, you get two treats in one. The graham cracker and chocolate merged together with minimum effort on your part. I submerged the entire graham cracker in the chocolate from front to back. You can choose to dip half of the graham cracker if you wish.

Feel free to add toppings like sprinkles or marshmallows once you dip them and before placing cookies in the refrigerator. They will stick to the melted chocolate just fine. And of course, this simple treat conjured up me remembering toasting marshmallows by the campfire and swapping scary stories. It made me wish for a mere minute, that I was a kid again.

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