Candied Grapes

Of course, you’ve heard of candy apples! However, have you heard of candied grapes? Many people have not. I recently saw a photo online of them and just knew that I had to try it. So, I’m taking you along the journey with me as I make these Candied Grapes for the very first time. Let’s see how it goes! 

Fortunately, I had all the ingredients. Well, it only requires two ingredients to be exact! The two ingredients used for this recipe are 2 cups of grapes (either green or red) and a small package of fruit-flavored jello mix. Use any fruity jello flavor of your choice. 

Candied Grapes

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  • 1 box 1 fruity jello flavor of choice (Strawberry is used in this recipe)

  • 2 cups 2 grapes


  • Remove grapes from their stem and wash.
  • Pour jello powder into a bowl.
  • Toss the grapes around in the jello powder to coat them.
  • Refrigerate for at least 1 hour so they can set. Serve and Enjoy! 

Making these gave me a unique way to use up my leftover grapes. Now, before you embark on making these, please be forewarned that they are SUPER SWEET! So, keep in mind that you probably won’t be eating a whole handful. One jello-covered grape might just be all that you need! 

To make these, first, remove the grapes from their stem. As you can see, this recipe uses green grapes. If you like red grapes or purple grapes then feel free to use those. Next, wash them thoroughly pat them dry. No need to get them completely dry. You want the powder to be able to properly adhere to the grapes. 

Then, pour the fruity jello powder into a bowl and toss the grapes around in the powder. because for the next step you want to pour fruity jello powder into a bowl. And, it’s that easy. They are made and ready to be chilled in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour so that they can set. The wait time is the hardest part. After 1 hour, give them a try. Even if you don’t like them, then no need to fret because it only took you 2 minutes to make them! 

Children love these sugary treats. If you are serving these to little kids, just be sure to cut the grapes in half lengthwise. You can do this either before or after you coat them. This recipe makes for an easy snack, a quick treat, or a palate-pleasing dessert! It’s an interesting way to use up your leftover grapes! To make these Candied Grapes look cute, you can first coat them in the jello powder and then put them on a stick. They will look like mini candy apples! How cute is that?

How you serve them is up to you! I truly do hope that you enjoy this recipe and have fun making it even more! Stay tuned for more quick recipes like this. Happy Eating!!

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