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Before we move on to the recipes we have a great offer from Hello Fresh you might want to check out. I first tried Hello Fresh several years ago when they were first growing in popularity and it was easy to see why they would eventually grow to become the gold standard of meal kit services. Just as their name proclaimed, Hello Fresh meal kits seemed especially fresh, bursting with brightly colored fresh fruits, vegetables, and even fresh herbs. Hello Fresh made meal kits feel like a real restaurant alternative.

One of my first Hello Fresh meals was Smoky Adobo Chicken Tacos, an instant classic. I still remember the first bite of those delicious tacos bursting with adobe flavor and zingy mango slaw and being amazed that they’d come out of my kitchen.

Hello Fresh meals can be made for far less than a similar portion in a restaurant at under $8/person for a family of four. With the convenience of high-quality fresh food delivered directly to your door, and the time you’ll save shopping and prepping, Hello Fresh is a terrific value. I would encourage everyone to give them a try today!

If you are not interested in Hello Fresh, click there to continue to the recipes.

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